Grinding Machines With Pictogramming Software

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The company offers a line of grinding machines including the FavoritCNC, S33, S40 and S242. The FavoritCNC universal grinding machine is equipped with a 12-hp wheel drive and Fanuc 0i control with the company’s pictogramming grinding software. The machine is suitable for one-off or light production runs. The maximum workpiece size for the machine is 14" in diameter and 26" in length. The S33 universal CNC grinding machine features a Fanuc 21i control with pictogramming grinding software, with optional non-round or thread grinding software. The machine is also available with automation. The maximum workpiece size is 14" in diameter and 40" in length. The S40 multi-wheel flexible CNC universal grinding machine can have as many as four grinding wheels. It features non-round grinding software with HSM technology; OD and ID grinding of threads, cams, polygons or other non-round forms; and a Fanuc 16i control with pictogramming grinding software. The maximum workpiece size is 18" in diameter and 40" in length, with an optional 18" × 63" workpiece capacity. The technologies of grinding and hard turning are combined in the S242 model. It features a programmable synchronous tailstock and a Fanuc 310i control with a StuderWIN user interface that uses pictogramming grinding and turning software. The maximum workpiece size is 7" in diameter and 31" in length.

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