Gusset Magnets for Clamping Steel Gussets and Panels

Strong Hand Tools is introducing a new gusset magnet.

New Product Announcements From: 6/22/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Strong Hand Tools is introducing a new gusset magnet. The gusset magnets align, locate and hold steel gussets, base plates and steel panels against a steel substructure in assembly, tacking and welding operations. Four rare-earth disc magnets embedded in the faceplate hold steel panels against a frame or substructure with direct, even clamping pressure for a fast, accurate setup, the company says. The low-profile magnets are designed to leave ample space for welding access.

Three adjustable 1 1/2" long magnetic hex bolts protrude from the magnet face and can be preset to the correct depth to securely position the gusset or panel in a precise location for tack welding. Three positioning pins on the faceplate act as a guide for the quick alignment and positioning of the magnet against the substructure. The magnet is said to be easy to handle, place and remove.  

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