Hand-Held Vibration Spectrum Analyzer

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The VSA-1225 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer is a PDA-based vibration analyzer/data collector that works on the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC platform. Available from Datastick Systems, the device is designed for machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and routine troubleshooting. It includes version 1.8 of the company’s Spectrum software suite and consists of a company-designed hardware module, a Hewlett-Packard iPAQ hand-held computer and one or more sensors.


The iPAQ supplies the computing power and 128 MB of data storage, while the VSA hardware module supplies the sensor power, electronics and interface. Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, with capacities ranging to 2 GB each, provide auxiliary storage. The module features a standard BNC connector and a low-noise input that accommodates and powers virtually any ICP-type piezoelectric accelerometer or ICP-type velocity sensor.


The Spectrum software records and shows vibration FFT spectra in acceleration, velocity and displacement displays as well as in a vibration decibel display. It also provides time-domain acceleration waveforms, and it records and displays overall vibration with color-coded ISO or custom alert levels. The Spectrum software suite includes the company’s Review software, which allows users to compare previous reads with the current read in Spectrum.

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