Hard-Mill And Hard-Turn Parts In One Setup

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Hardinge says its RS series of turning centers are capable of hard-milling and hard-turning complex parts in a single setup. The series consists of the RS 42, 51 and 65 machines, each of which is available in "super precision" or "general precision" models. To provide quality part roundness and surface finish as well as statistical process control (SPC) capability, the lathes are designed for vibration control, thermal stability and rigidity. Able to achieve tolerances of 0.0002", each machine is equipped with a 12-station, top-plate tooling system, an X-axis linear glass scale and 187-psi through-tool coolant. The “collet-ready” ground spindles can provide as much as 30 hp and 270 foot-pounds of torque. The lathes can be configured for two-axis turning or for complex multitasking operations. The Hardinge/GE Fanuc i-Series RS control unit uses the Fanuc Manual Guide i conversational programming system and provides high speed milling capability and multi-axis functionality. Optional features include hydrostatic guideways, Icefly cryogenic machining and shape-compliant chucks.

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This machine can run for a long time without any operator intervention, and users can machine finished parts from slug stock or cast blanks while achieving the same high productivity as if they were machining from barstock, the company says.