HBM Offers Modular Design Flexibility

The FT 3500 floor-type horizontal boring mill (HBM) features a modular design to allow affordable customization and flexibility, the company says. Standardized modules allow HBMs to be configured with X-axis travels from 13.1 to 52.5 ft and Y-axis travels to 16.4 ft for processing long workpieces or multiple parts. The HBM’s platform offers a choice of travels, headstocks, spindles, controls, coolant systems, workholding and ATC magazines. An optional attachment changer enables storage and change of contouring heads, programmable boring bars and right-angle heads.   Floor-type boring mill models offer a choice of spindle power train. Two- and four-speed versions are available with spindle diameters of 5" to 7". Depending on the spindle diameter selected, horsepower ranges from 60 to 100 hp and Z-axis travel is 31.5" to 49.2". All boring mills also include the company’s spindle growth compensation, and the Z-axis thermal-compensation software offsets spindle growth.   In addition to the live spindle, the FTR series has a collinear ram that measures 19.7" × 24.8". Manufactured from cast steel, the ram adds rigidity for machining operations that require extended W-axis reach on parts too large for an ancillary sliding table. The ram provides an adjustable mounting platform for a variety of attachments.

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