High Accuracy Machining Centers

The Sigma Series of VMCs and HMCs are designed for high accuracy machining operations.

The Series of VMCs is geared toward the die/mold industry and is available in M-V50(sigma) and M-V70(sigma) versions. A new spindle design, coupled with FM control software, is said to allow accurate part production to eliminate the need for secondary processes. The company says the machine’s boxway system allows vibration-free machining of hard metals. A linear scale feedback system is used for accuracy and machine repeatability.

The advanced machine design is said to eliminate thermal displacement, which stabilizes high accuracy and eliminates the need for a start-up period each day. According to the company, the FM control software reduces NC servo error to zero.  

The Series of HMCs is available in M-H60(sigma) and M-H80(sigma) versions and also features linear scale feedback. These machines are designed to allow heavy cutting, with preloaded hydrostatic boxways on all axes. The non-contact hydrostatic design is said to ensure long life and accurate positioning and contouring. The machines use a large-diameter, thick-walled spindle with minimal overhang distance from front spindle bearings and high bearing preload for high rigidity. Three spindle speeds are available (3,200 rpm, 6,000 rpm and 16,000 rpm), and each features a low-vibration tool retention system. The company says a three-point bed support and rigid bed design allow easy leveling and provide a stable foundation for high accuracy machining.