High-Peformance Turning Capacity With Small Footprint

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Romi Machine Tools’ M33 combination lathe is suitable for mixed-volume, short-run operations as well as dedicated high-volume applications. With a swing of 33.46" and a distance between centers of 80", the lathe combines high-performance turning capacity with a 203" × 96" footprint, the company says. The swing over carriage wind is 32.68", and the swing over cross slide is 21.65". Axis travels are 18.7" and 80" in the X and Z axes, respectively. Rapid traverse rates of 315 ipm in the Z-axis and 315 ipm in the X- axis can accelerate machine cycle times, reduce non-cut time and increase overall throughput, the company says. With a cast iron H-bed design, the machine is equipped with induction-hardened and ground guideways. A Turcite-coated carriage and cross-slide move smoothly on the bed and saddle guideways, ensuring rigidity, increased accuracy, improved cutting tool performance and long machine life, the company says.

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