High-Performance, Low-Payload Robots

Kuka now offers a series of high-performance, compact robots in the low-payload category.

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Kuka now offers a series of high-performance, compact robots in the low-payload category. The KR Cybertech nano series features a payload range of 6 to 10 kg and is designed to replace the previous Kuka types KR 5, KR 6-2 and KR 5 Arc.

The streamlined, jointed-arm robot series features a long reach with smooth and sensitive motion characteristics on path and positioning, enabling it to perform in confined spaces, the company says. The series consists of two product families: the KR Cybertech nano for handling and assembly of small components and the KR Cybertech Arc nano for use in welding applications. Both families are available in different payload variants. The KR Cybertech nano features a 6, 8 and 10 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1,820, 1,620 and 1,420 mm respectively. The KR Cybertech Arc nano features 6 and 8 kg payload capacities with a reach of 1,820 and 1,620 or 1,420 mm.

The KR Cybertech nano product family is available in a High Protection (HP) variant. The entire robot has a protection rating of IP65 to protect it against dust and waterjets. The rating also enables the robot wrist to withstand high surface temperatures as well as permanently large quantities of dust, lubricants and coolants. Additionally, the robot can withstand temporary submersion.

The KR Cybertech Arc nano welding robot features a streamlined, hollow-shaft wrist with bearings on one side and a diameter of 50 mm to enable positioning close to the workpiece. This configuration is said to reduce the risk of adverse effects on weld quality due to dangling dress packs. The robot also features an infinitely rotating sixth axis to increase productivity. The welding robot offers free installation space on axis three, enabling integration of the welding cabinet next to the robot. This feature was designed for system partners and integrators in the welding sector, and it is also said to reduce disruptive contours and save space in the cell.  

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