High-Performance Milling Cutter

New Product From: 4/4/2008 Modern Machine Shop
The F2330 milling cutter features Trigon cutting inserts. According to the company, the cutter has been improved to work with difficult machining operations such as circular interpolation, plunging and pocketing.

The inserts have three cutting edges and a positive basic shape that the company says guarantees a soft, low-vibration cut. For fine-tuning the application, three cutting geometries are available: universal, stable and easy-cutting. The tool bodies are available in diameters from 0.75" to 4.0", and  they use wide flutes in order to avoid chip packing.

Inserts for the cutter are from the PVD Tiger-tec types WSP45 and WSM35. These cutting materials have been developed for the manufacturing of stainless steel or low machininability alloys such as titanium.

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