High-Performance Taps Control Chip Formation

Emuge offers its line of Z-Taps with GLT-1 coating for stainless and alloy steel applications.

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Z-Taps with GLT-1 coating.

Emuge offers its line of Z-Taps with GLT-1 coating for stainless and alloy steel applications. The tapping tools feature advanced chamfer geometry and rake/flute form with the company’s GLT-1 multi-layered coating said to produce consistent, controllable chip formation. The taps are designed with a smooth-release structure for fast, efficient chip removal. GLT-1 contains advanced heat resistance characteristics along with an outer anti-friction layer synergistically combined to produce quality and resist wear. The tools’ sliding properties are also said to improve tool life. An increased number of flutes and shortened thread section reduce friction and enable a lower cutting torque, said to reduce tap breakage and enable high cutting speeds. According to Emuge, the taps offer optimized chip evacuation and quality thread finish in high-strength alloys, tool steels and cast steels.

The company will also display a selection of other tools including its spiral flute bottoming taps featuring variable helix correction (VHC) geometry for threading difficult materials such as stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium; its SpeedSynchro milling tool for high-production tapping; plug taps for threading nickel alloys designed with a left-hand helical flute form and chamfer geometry; new taps for threading titanium; and a new line of high-penetration-rate carbide drills.

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