High Performance Turning

According to the company, the high performance turning center features multitasking capabilities to save time.

New Product From: 8/10/2010 Modern Machine Shop

According to the company, the high performance turning center features multitasking capabilities to save time. The true slant-bed lathe is designed for rigidity and facilitates larger part capacity. With radial live tooling and a programmable synchronous subspindle with C-axis control, parts can be finished on both the front and the back side.
The all-digital drives and motors with absolute encoders on all linear axes contribute to quality surface finish in turning and milling operations. The integrated control powered by WinMax8 software reduces the complexity of programming parts for mill-turn machining, the company says. Graphics capabilities include subspindle representation. They reduce setup time, and the accurate simulation verification virtually eliminates scrap, the company says.
In addition to faster acceleration and deceleration rates, the multitasking center is said to include ergonomic design features such as front-foot pedals to quickly open/close the chuck and engage/disengage the tailstock. A spindle chiller for both the main spindle and subspindle is standard.
The machine features a 37.3-hp main spindle and 20-hp subspindle. It also features 7.3-hp live tooling with C-axis spindle speed ranging to 3,500 rpm. The main spindle features 258 foot-pounds of torque, with 70.4 foot-pounds on subspindle (6,000 rpm). Other features include a 10", three-jaw chuck; bar capacity to 3" with a 3.62" through-hole; index time of 0.35 sec.; travels of 8.8" in the X axis; and a maximum cutting diameter of 14.8", with maximum cutting length of 24.7".

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