High Pressure Vises With Power Preset Control

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The company announces the availability of Arnold Classic High Pressure Vises with optional power preset control. This new feature consists of a dial on the clamping mechanism which allows the user to predetermine the exact amount of pressure the vise will apply to the workpiece, and assures maximum repeatability. Clamping is a two-step process. After the workpiece is placed and located in the vise, the handle is turned to close the movable jaw. As soon as the movable jaw makes contact with the part, a clutch disengages the direct screwing action and the vise switches to power-boosting mode. The handle continues to turn and, with very little effort, will increase pressure approximately 1 metric ton (2,000 pounds) per 360° turn. Once the dialed-in (or the maximum) pressure is reached, the handle will simply stop turning. This will guarantee the same exact pressure on every part, regardless of the operator. The use of hammers or handle extensions, all methods commonly used with normal vises to obtain higher clamping pressures, are unnecessary. Unlike torque wrenches, the Arnold clamping stop cannot be overridden. The vises are available in four sizes. The smallest model features a jaw width of 3.54", a max. jaw opening of 6.10", and a maximum clamping pressure of 5,500 pounds.; the largest model has a jaw width of 7.87", jaw opening of 14.76", and a maximum clamping pressure of 17,600 pounds.

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