High Speed 2D Cutter Resists Vibration

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Designed for high-speed, 2D cutting of steel parts as thick as 1", the Hyper Turbo-X offers capabilities to improve part precision and finish, reduce setup time and perform secondary operations, according to manufacturer Mazak Optonics. Unlike cast beds with open areas that reduce stiffness, its frame features an enclosed box design. In addition, its laser-cut sides and cross-members are connected with a series of tie rods to damp vibration from internal and external sources.


The use of non-contact linear motors, which drive and guide axis motions on a thin film of air, allows a rapid traverse rate of 1,969 ipm and enables smooth acceleration, the company says. The X-axis table uses two guides and motors, while the Y and Z axes each contain a single guide and motor. Anti-friction roller assemblies support the table and part loads.  The machine features a six-torch changer magazine combined with a 10-nozzle changer to reconfigure the setup via part program.


The machine’s PREview CNC uses a 64-bit processor. Rather than processing one command at a time, the control features “look-ahead” capability that allows it to read through several commands. After predicting problem areas such as tight corners and intricate patterns, the control adjusts cutting parameters for each shape.


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