High Speed Grinding Machine

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One result of this company’s development of high speed grinding technology is its S32 HSG grinding machine. New features include an indefinite variable automatic swivel axis and two motor spindles. Grinding wheels up to a speed of 150 m/sec can be used. The two spindles are both fitted with frequency converters, allowing the individual variation of the wheel speeds. Improved technology also results in the use of a user-friendly balancing system and a wheel contact sensor that guarantees reliable results at high rpm, the company says.

The machine can be configured with specific components. In addition to a synchronized tailstock, a workhead with a motor spindle is also available as an option. These options suit the machine for grinding tungsten carbide workpieces such as stepped drills or reamers where the use of two grinding wheels offers a benefit.

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The grinding machine features a grinding spindle mounted on maintenance-free hybrid roller bearings for high peripheral speeds of as much as 150 m/sec., and in combination with the machine’s CBN high-speed technology, cycle times and setup times can be significantly reduced.