High Speed HMC

The DHP 5000 is the first of a new series of high speed HMCs. The machine combines a 12,000-rpm spindle (14,000 rpm optional), 1.5-second tool-to-tool change, 1,890-ipm rapid traverses and a two-pallet rotary shuttle system with a 7.8-second pallet change time. A 40-hp motor delivers 151 foot-pounds of low-end torque to allow deep cuts in tough materials.


The HMC’s 40-taper spindle is a cartridge-type unit that is supported by four permanently lubricated bearings. A refrigerated spindle cooling system circulates oil around the spindle, drive shaft bearings, gears and motor flanges.


A 60-station ATC (120 and 170 stations optional) uses a fixed-address, shortest-path tool change method. Tools are automatically returned to their original pots.


The machine’s pallets measure 19.6" x 19.6", and support work pieces up to 31.5" x 35.4" and 1,100 lbs. The table can be indexed in 1-degree increments. Air jets discharged from the tapered cones during pallet change remove chips from the cones for accurate pallet positioning.


Linear motion roller guideways are said to provide excellent acc/dec. High torque servos are coupled directly to the ballscrews, eliminating gears and preventing backlash and servo drag.


The HMC comes standard with a side-mounted chip conveyor and coolant tank, oil cooler, flood coolant system, through-spindle coolant, coolant gun, T-slot pallets and rigid tapping. The machine has a Fanuc 18i-MB controller.


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