High Speed HMC With 18-Pallet FMS

The high speed JE80S HMC features 31.5" X-, Y- and Z-axis travels and dual 500-mm pallets within a small machine footprint. The standard, dual-contact, 40-taper spindle ramps to 15,000 rpm in 1.9 seconds and develops 24.8 hp at 1,061 rpm. The machine offers rapid traverse rates of 3,543 ipm at 1G acceleration. The HMC is offered with a 300-tool, matrix-style ATC that has an average pre-select time of 6 seconds, and it can accommodate tools that weigh as much as 26 lbs and measuring 6.3" in diameter and 18.8" long.   The machine will be shown with an 18-pallet, three tiered Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). The FMS is capable of storing both machine pallets and storage baskets interchangeably. It is designed with a unitized steel frame and comes standard with two levels of pallets. A third level can be field retrofitted. The standard module comes in 12- or 18-pallet configurations with expansion modules available.

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