High-Speed Laser Cutting Machine

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The company introduces the TC L 3030 plus, its high-speed, 5 × 10' flatsheet laser cutter. Axis technology allows the machine to achieve acceleration rates as high as 1.5 g, which improve productivity, the company says.


The high-speed axis has a 12-inch working range. It operates independently, allowing the laser cutting head to accelerate and decelerate. These rapid acceleration rates provide positioning within a 1 × 5' area. In addition, part cycle times are potentially reduced for typical parts in materials as thick as 1/8".


Software included in the control automatically evaluates the geometry of each part and determines the most efficient way to process the job. The control runs on a Windows NT platform, which enables networking and telediagnostics. The user interface and online assistance are both activity-oriented.


The machine comes equipped with a laser resonator featuring the company's "frictionless turbine," a virtually wear-free compressor. The laser is available in power levels of 2,000 W, 2,700 W, 3,200 W or 4,000 W, depending on the materials to be cut.


A standard pallet changer with numerous automation options is available.



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