High Speed Laser Marker Provides Pulse-To-Pulse Stability

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Trumpf offers a high-performance version of its VectorMark 5 laser marker, the VectorMark 5 HP. The machine is capable of marking twice as fast as the standard model while maintaining mark quality, the company says. Its pulse peak power values are said to make it useful for high speed engraving, marking plastics and annealing metals in applications requiring pulse-to-pulse stability. With a short pulse duration, the system is also useful for applications requiring a small heat-affected zone. According to the company, it is useful for manufacturers in the medical, automotive, electronics, defense and aerospace industries. The system is equipped with an automatic laser power calibration (LPC) system. Regular calibration of power settings is important in tightly regulated processes such as medical applications, the company says. The Nd-YVO4 (Vanadate) laser bridges the VMc5 fundamental mode marking laser and the VMi3 multi-node marking laser. Repetition frequency is 120 kHz, and a digital scanner aids in increasing marking speeds.

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