High Speed PCD Tools

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04e10 The SP Series Precision drill sharpeners are perfect for high production shops where the priority is on speed and accuracy. SP's sharpen drill sizes from 1/16" to 1" (1.5 mm to 26 mm). The consistency of point style makes the SP ideal for industrial situations where people of varying skill levels will operate the drill sharpener. There are two basic SP models. The SP2500 creates split points, the SP2000 creates helical points. The easy-to-use SP sharpeners are designed with the operator in mind. The operation is a very easy procedure. So simple, that a few words of text and graphics on top of the SP describe the operation. The manufacturer also includes a detailed manual. The manufacturer states that in less than 30 seconds, the SP sharpeners will create a perfect drill point. With the possibility of human error essentially eliminated, the SP's are said to deliver outstanding accuracy and repeatability. Recent improvements include a new adjustable point splitter. These sharpeners are now UL approved. This means greater accuracy, versatility, and assurance of safety.

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