High Speed Reamers With Replaceable Inserts

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The newly-developed Reamax tools from Komet have been intended for use when machining with minimal lubrication. This “quasi-dry” machining can, in turn, increase the economy of finish-machining holes by more than the slight amount of lubricant. According to the company, improved quality and higher output over shorter periods occur. Within the coolant channel in the central tie bar, the oil/air mixture is supplied to the top of the cutting edge and passes in front of the individual cutting edges through radial openings. This design can minimize coolant loss while providing a sufficient spread of lubrication on the wall of the bore prior to cutting. Users can also reduce the cycle time for reaming operations from 12 to 14 seconds (on average), or as much as 6 seconds in many instances, the company says. The replaceable carbide inserts, which are offered in diameter sizes ranging from 12.5 mm to 40.00 mm, are ground to the finished dimension. The cutting edges do not necessitate setting or adjustment.

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