High Speed Wire EDM

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GF Agie Charmilles says its Agiecut Progress V 2 wire EDM’s wire-bending control allows the machine to achieve speeds as fast as 37 in2 per hour, both in tight radii and during precision cuts. In addition, the company says, the EDM’s 15-second wire-threading capability reduces wire-related barriers to speed. The machine’s wire guide can thread all wire sizes and types to allow taper cutting of ±30 degrees without the need for annealing after a break.


Based on the Windows XP platform, the Agievision 5 control provides 3D graphics, real-time adjustments and direct-select activity bars. The EDM’s eCut generator technology allows it to achieve a 0.8 µm Ra surface finish with one precision cut. According to the company, this capability makes the machine a faster alternative to technologies that incorporate a main cut and a trim cut. 



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