High-Torque Milling Center Machines Tough Materials

The Tarkus horizontal/vertical milling center manufactured by Jobs S. p.

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The Tarkus horizontal/vertical milling center manufactured by Jobs S.p.A. is designed for five-axis, high-power/high-torque machining of titanium, Inconel, stainless steel and other though materials for the aerospace, general precision engineering and die/mold industries.

The milling center is said to be capable of high-volume chip removal, and it features a fixed gantry in the X axis and a mobile gantry in Z axis. A vertically moving crossbeam grants constant rigidity all along the 39-inch Z-axis stroke. The design of the Y-axis saddle, combined with the geometry of the heads, make it possible to achieve full Z-axis stroke without risking collision with the crossbeam. The milling center can be equipped with a continuous five-axis mechanical milling head that delivers as much as 56 hp and 1,106 foot-pounds of torque, or alternatively with a 15,000- or 27,000-rpm electrospindle. The compact milling center also features full machine enclosure and reduced foundation requirements.

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