High-Volume Bar Machine

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The Romi CNC 30 G features hydraulic collet chuck and automatic parts unloading, as well as “U” shaped cross slide gang tooling with T slots for toolholder positioning. Interactive programming screens make the machine equally adept at mixed-volume, short-run production, as well as dedicated high-volume applications, Romi Machine Tools, Ltd. says.


The machine occupies a 94.5" × 86.6" footprint. Other specifications include  maximum bar capacities of 1.625" (round), 1.250" (hex) and 1" (square); a maximum bar length of 47.42"; and a maximum cutting length of 4.72". In addition, the bar machine is capable of rapid traverse rates of 630 ipm and 512 ipm for the respective XZ axes.


In addition to “T” slots for one cut-off toolholder, the ten-station, “U” shaped cross slide gang tooling system features one mechanical bar puller with a built-in cut-off toolholder; two external turning toolholders; two boring bar holders; one double boring bar holder; and five reduction sleeves.  


Potential benefits of using the machine, as cited by the company, are accelerated cycle times and reduced non-cut time.



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