HMC Designed For Heavy Applications

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The Vcenter-H630 is Fortune International Inc.'s largest horizontal machining center. The machine’s rapid feed rate of 590 ipm on all axes makes it useful for high-production work.


The box shaped column structure improves static and dynamic stiffness, reducing distortion and vibration. XYZ-axis box ways are cast into the machine bed and are hardened and ground to 55 HRC. Turcite is bonded to the moving components to eliminate stick slip during rapid acceleration and deceleration. 


A parallel pallet changer, which is designed to allow quick pallet changes for parts as heavy as 2,200 lbs and/or larger than the pallet itself; 1-degree table indexing; a 60-tool magazine; and a 4,500-rpm spindle are also among the machine’s standard features.



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