HMC For High-Precision Aluminum Machining

The MAG1 five-axis HMC is designed for quick, high-precision production of large aluminum parts such as ribs, leading edges and trailing edges of aircraft wing structures. The machine has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 1,520 × 1,100 × 1,350 mm and its table load capacity is 1,300 kg. According to the company, the HMC’s construction features a three-point support system that eliminates leveling maintenance and reduces the cost of installation.   The HMC is equipped with a 33,000-rpm, 107-hp HSK80 spindle designed to access deep pockets. A center-trough chip-removal system assists in high metal-removal operation. The machine’s A axis rotates between +100 degrees and -110 degrees to provide full, five-axis roughing and finishing. The B axis resides on the machine, allowing the spindle to access the front and rear of a part and accommodate four-sided fixture strategies. The company’s spindle cooling technology is said to ensure longer spindle life during extended machining times. A 60-position ATC allows long stretches of continuous, uninterrupted machining.   The machine features Super Geometric Intelligence v.4 (SGI.4) control technology to permit high-feed machining in addition to monitoring software to allow users to keep constant watch on bearing temperature and vibration during cuts.

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