HMC Offers One Setup Machining

The Millac-800VH by Okuma is a five-axis HMC that offers production of complex, multi-face parts in one setup to improve accuracy and reduce overall cycle time. The box-type bed design and wide rectangular ways provide rigidity while large, pre-tensioned ballscrews with rigid supports ensure positioning accuracy. The spindle can be positioned to any angle within its 150-degree range, which reduces cutting time and extends tool life by allowing the use of a standard end mill or face mill rather than a ball end mill. The geared headstock pivots every 0.001 degree and positions with curvic coupling every 5 degrees to provide access to critical part surfaces.   The X-, Y- and Z-travel is 40.16", with a rapid traverse rate of 1,181-ipm per axis. The company employs a cam unit to provide high speed and high durability for the HMC series. The twin-arm ATC and sequential address magazine are designed for easy access. Powered with the THINC-OSP control, the HMC has 40 GB of plug-and-play capability and Ethernet connectivity to run Windows-based software at the machine and/or from a remote location.

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