HMC Offers One Setup Machining

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The Millac-800VH by Okuma is a five-axis HMC that offers production of complex, multi-face parts in one setup to improve accuracy and reduce overall cycle time. The box-type bed design and wide rectangular ways provide rigidity while large, pre-tensioned ballscrews with rigid supports ensure positioning accuracy. The spindle can be positioned to any angle within its 150-degree range, which reduces cutting time and extends tool life by allowing the use of a standard end mill or face mill rather than a ball end mill. The geared headstock pivots every 0.001 degree and positions with curvic coupling every 5 degrees to provide access to critical part surfaces.   The X-, Y- and Z-travel is 40.16", with a rapid traverse rate of 1,181-ipm per axis. The company employs a cam unit to provide high speed and high durability for the HMC series. The twin-arm ATC and sequential address magazine are designed for easy access. Powered with the THINC-OSP control, the HMC has 40 GB of plug-and-play capability and Ethernet connectivity to run Windows-based software at the machine and/or from a remote location.

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Making Connections at Innovation Days

Among other highlights, this year’s iteration of DMG MORI’s annual open house event showcased the company’s latest efforts to connect traditionally disparate machining operations, both in the physical sense and the virtual sense.