HMC Useful For Cylinder-Head Machining

With XYZ axis travels of 40" × 18" × 22", the ES-5-4T HMC features a VMC-style enclosure to provide visibility and easy access. Available from Haas, the machine is equipped with a 40" × 15" fourth-axis rotating table and a 24+1 side-mount toolchanger. The 8,000-rpm, 40-taper spindle features an inline, direct-drive system that couples the motor directly to the spindle. According to the company, this provides quality surface finishes, thermal stability and quiet operation. A 20-hp vector dual-drive system with on-the-fly wye-delta switching is designed to provide ample low-end torque and a wide constant-power band. Mounting a rotary table to the rotating T-slot table and adding a fifth-axis drive effectively turns the machine into a five-axis machining center, the company says. This is useful for complex operations such as cylinder-head machining. The machine's work envelope and enclosure are large enough to allow 40" of swing to rotate large parts and fixtures. High lead ballscrews and high-torque servomotors on all axes provide rapid traverse rates of 1,000-ipm. For added performance, the machine can be equipped with an optional 12,000-rpm spindle powered by a 30-hp vector dual-drive system. An optional 40-pocket side-mount ATC is also available.

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