HMC With Palletized Automation

The Nexus 4000-II HMC is said to deliver the power of larger HMCs with increased speed and acceleration in a 15.7" square pallet configuration. The machine’s high-torque, 40-taper spindle offers 40 hp and 12,000-rpm maximum speed. According to the company, the compact spindle is designed for low vibration and low heat generation while achieving high accuracy and production rates. The HMC’s X-, Y- and Z-axis travels are 22" × 24.8" × 25.2".   The machine’s NC rotary table rotates 90 degrees in 1.7 seconds and features 0.001-degree minimum step for four-axis indexing. A dual pallet changer is standard for loading parts on the pallet located outside the machine while the machine is cutting parts on the other pallet. The machine’s Matrix CNC features a 64-bit CPU that allows feed rates that are faster than the previous-generation CNC, according to the company. Maximum program size is 2 MB (8 MB optional).   The version at the show features an optional 180-tool ATC and the company’s Palletech material-handling system. The Palletech cell contains 16 pallets in a high-rise, dual-level configuration and a single load/unload station. The cell controller allows shop managers to monitor operations; view and change schedules; manage part program files from anywhere on the network; track tool life and breakage; and issue instructions to the shop floor. Scheduling can be performed via pallet number or workpiece number. The system is designed to provide flexibility for high-mix, low-volume production as well as high-volume production.

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