Hydrocarbon Parts Cleaning

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Intended to make hydrocarbon cleaning practical for low-volume parts manufacturers, the Minio 85C parts cleaning system can be used for metal, plastic or glass. It removes oil, grease and swarf from workpieces with blind holes and channels.

With a footprint of 21.5 square feet (39" x 79"), the system is suitable for job shops, laboratories and other operations with space constraints. Typical throughput is five or six baskets per hour, with a maximum weight of 110 lbs per batch.             

Using a non-halogenated hydrocarbon process, the system is said to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, operating under vacuum with reduced emissions. The company says that highlights include injection flood washing, vapor degreasing and vacuum drying, all in one chamber. Additionally, the closed loop system includes continuous filtration and recirculation.



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