Improved Capacity on Five-Axis Machining Center

The C 42 U machining center was designed to increase capacity in the company’s machining range.

New Product From: 8/6/2010 Modern Machine Shop

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According to the company, the C 42 U machining center was designed for increased high-precision, five-axis performance in rugged alloys and other materials for industries including moldmaking, medical, aerospace and others.
Utilizing the company’s patented modified gantry design, the machining center is available with a mineral-cast base to damp vibration and minimize thermal conductivity. The X, Y and Z axes measure 800 × 800 × 550 mm, respectively, with rapid traverse rates of 60 m/min. in all axes. The spindle features a slim-end design for deep-cavity machining and is available in speeds of 10,000, 18,000 and 25,000 rpm. The two-part spindle design incorporates six displacement sleeves for collision protection.
Tool change is accomplished by direct pick-up, and the magazine accommodates 42 tools. Maximum tool length is 300 mm and diameter is 90 mm. Tooling is SK 40 and HSK A 63 (the 25,000-rpm spindle utilizes only HSK A 63). Chip-to-chip time is approximately 4.5 sec. Tooling can be expanded to 160 pockets.
The machining center is available with a variety of table configurations for multiple applications. For three- and four-axis machining, a rigid clamping table with a 1,050- × 805-mm surface and a load capacity of 2,000 kg is available. Five-axis versions incorporate swiveling rotary tables in three sizes: 800 × 630 mm with a maximum load of 1,400 kg; 440 mm with a capacity of 450 kg; and 420 mm with a 600 kg load capacity.
The compact design and integrated tool magazine simplify installation and provide a large, easily accessible work area, the company says. The machine is available with the Heidenhain iTNC 530 or Siemens 840 D SL CNC, as well as various options for coolant application, chip control, tool management and more.

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