Independent Spindle Motors

The updated Tornos MultiAlpha 6 × 32 features a 1.260" (1.340") diameter bar capacity with the work spread over six spindles.

New Product From: 6/22/2010 Modern Machine Shop

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The updated Tornos MultiAlpha 6 × 32 features a 1.260" (1.340") diameter bar capacity with the work spread over six spindles. The machine is equipped with synchronous motors. Each spindle functions independently of the others for cutting rpm, spindle stops and indexing. The spindles with independent speed settings enable the range of cutting tools to be employed. Every position is potentially being used as a C axis, which enables any positioned transverse milling or drilling operation to be performed at any time and on all spindles. The spindles can be synchronized in an angular fashion. According to the company, the system is designed with optimum speed on each position in accordance with the type of machining required, high capacity for stock removal and flexibility.
Motorspindles are flexible on the frontworking units. The end units are designed to be fitted with motorquills. Two versions of motorquills are available: the high performance motorquill delivers high torque starting from its lowest speeds, while the high speed option retains the same torque rating to high rotational speeds.
Production times are reduced with a high rate of stock removal and simultaneous machining operations performed together with operations from the frontworking units, cross-slides and counterspindle, the company says. The machine’s counterspindle holds the component during the cutoff operation then presents the workpiece to a tool slide for a number of operations on the back of the component. The slide can be equipped with five tools in vertical and/or horizontal position, with a number of combinations. An independent motor can drive as many as three tools; this enables the use of high speed drilling or alternate solutions. According to the company, to ensure optimum machining conditions, all tool positions have an integrated coolant supply. Fixed drills can have through-the-tool coolant via a central bore.
The machine was developed with a fully integrated palletization system located between the lathe and the electrical cabinet. This solution avoids unnecessary loss of space and optimizes the production process, the company says. Large pallets with dimensions ranging to 400 × 600 mm are standard. Once components are loaded on the pallets, they can be sent directly to a cleaning system, completing the part making process.

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