Indexing Table For Heavy Milling

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Designed for heavy milling operations requiring high repeatability, the HIT 210 is a face-gear indexing table that offers solid rotary indexing and part holding. Available from Haas, the table provides 45-degree indexing with accuracy of ±15 arcseconds and repeatability of 5 arcseconds. The indexer’s 8.3"- (210-mm) platter can accommodate parts and fixtures as heavy as 300 lbs. It also includes six standard T-slots to simplify fixturing.


With a center height of 6", the indexer is equipped with a Geneva-star mechanism that provides 100 foot-pounds of torque. The face-gear coupling yields 1,100 foot-pounds of brake torque. Featuring integrated electronics, the indexer requires no servo control. It can connect to virtually any manual or CNC machine with a two-wire interface. Able to plug into any 115-VAC outlet, it can be controlled via an MFIN cable, a quill switch or a manual cable switch.

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