Injection Nozzle Grinder Designed For Precision

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The T-180C is designed for high-precision grinding of injection nozzles. Using linear motor drives, the machine features two-axis simultaneous control on the X (U) and Z axes. Linear scale is said to provide high-precision position detection to enable stable grinding of seat surfaces. According to the company, this also eases fine adjustment of seat surface angle.   The work spindle uses a hydro-dynamic bearing and has a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm. Rotation accuracy to 1 µm or less provides consistent peak precision. The grinding wheel employs a high-output, 180,000-rpm high-frequency spindle, which is useful for high-efficiency grinding of small bores, the company says. Maximum chuckable part OD and length are 1.26" (32 mm) and 2.76" (70 mm), respectively. Maximum ID is 0.787" (20 mm). Stroke is 2.36" (60 mm) in the X axis and 7.09" (180 mm) in the Z axis. The machine is controlled by a Fanuc 31i CNC, and an optional, multi-axis robot loader system is available to reduce cycle time.  

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