Inserts Boost High-Feed Milling Performance

Widia's M270 and M370 inserts are designed for high-feed milling.

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Available in both inch and metric sizes, Widia’s M270 and M370 series inserts are designed for high-feed milling. The lower radial cutting forces associated with this process make it well-suited for roughing, copy milling, profile milling, and other applications in which metal must be removed quickly, the company says.
Based on Widia-Hanita X-Feed geometry, the M270 inserts are available in three grades: TN2505 for wear-resistance in materials as hard as 60 HRc; TN6540 for toughness; and TN6525 for a mix of toughness and wear-resistance in dry-machining applications in steel. Two contact faces in a V-shaped pocket ensure secure, rigid insert clamping and accurate positioning to improve cutting performance and tool life, the company says.

The M370 series is designed for steel, stainless steel and cast iron milling. Double-sided geometry and six cutting edges enable high feed rates, the company says.  

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