Inserts Coated For Smooth Chip Flow

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The Sumo Tec series of premium tungsten carbide inserts is part of the company’s 3P Sumo Line. According to the company, 3P stands for “premium productivity products” and represents better productivity, better profitability and better performance. These carbide grades are designed to cover drilling, milling, turning and grooving applications.   The inserts feature a substrate that significantly extends insert tool life, developers say. The insert coating combines PVD (physical vapor deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) processes. The PVD process consists of the company’s Al-Tec coating technology. The CVD coating is based on the company’s Alpha-Tec technology, which is said to provide wear resistance. A follow-up process provides improved tool life, low insert surface stresses and an evenly coated top surface, the company says. The even surface contributes to smooth, uninterrupted chip flow and less heat-generating friction. The result is improved toughness, greater resistance to chipping and reduced built-up edge.

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