Inspection Software Has New User Interface And More

Now offered is Romer CimCore’s PowerInspect 4. 0 inspection software for portable coordinate measuring machines.

Now offered is Romer CimCore’s PowerInspect 4.0 inspection software for portable coordinate measuring machines. The software includes a new user interface, allowing the user to conduct all operations in a rendered (shaded) view for visualization. According to the company, the interface offers updated toolbars with a clean architecture, intuitive icons, and a customized design.

Also included is a HTML reporting feature. While retaining its prior Excel reporting capability, the system is customizable to the exact requirements of the user. Additionally, the three-tier password protection capability is designed to control access and modification to sensitive inspection routines. A user can restrict access to running a routine and/or modifying a routine.

Other standard features are on-screen feedback and color-coded graphics for immediate validation of each point; complex, 3D shapes  such as lines, curves, circles, cones, cylinders and part edges are automatically compared to CAD nominals; the creation of section cuts and surface offsets; and the ability to generate 3D curves for export.


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