Integrated Drive/Control System Reduces Space Requirements

New Product Announcements From: 8/23/2007 Modern Machine Shop

Rexroth's IndraDrive Mi electronic control is integrated with the company’s IndraDrive drive system to provide a complete drive, motion control and logic control mounted directly on the motor. The motor casing serves as the heat sink for the servo control system, which is attached to the long axis of the motor. According to the company, this results substantial space savings compared with other integrated systems in which the electronics are fitted behind the motor or traditional systems with separate motor and drive packages.


A single cable carries both power and SERCOS communications, and multiple systems can be connected in a series. Rather than two cables running from the control cabinet to each axis, only one cable is required. This can reduce wiring costs, the company says. In addition, the integrated concept of the control can eliminate the need to replace worn parts such as fans, electrolytic capacitors and relays. 

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