Integrated Part Loading Approach

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The company offers a range of bar feeds and bar loaders, including the Quick Six S2 bar feeds, the Hydrobar automatic bar feeds and the Trytex 08 bar loader. According to the company, the Quick Six S2 automatic bar feeds provide quick and easy change-overs of the guide tube system for greater range and productivity. Also, they promote safety by eliminating excessive bar length from protruding from the back of the lathe, regardless of the lathe spindle length.  

The Hydrobar Sprint 565 and 552 automatic bar feeds use rigid-beam construction with steel machined parts attached to a heavyweight frame. They incorporate bar-feeding technology in stable, compact designs to boost productivity with increased machine spindle rpm and extended tool life, the company says. Sprint 565 accepts barstock from ¼" to 2 5/8" (5 to 65 mm), and Sprint 552 accepts barstock from ¼" to 2" (5 to 52 mm). Both models are suitable for fixed- or sliding-headstock machines, and they operate in both hydrodynamic and hydrostatic modes.            

The Trytex 08 bar loader serves small-diameter, high-production applications. Its design allows the loading of bars with diameters from 0.8 to 7 mm. In spite of its small footprint, the loader holds 44 bars in its magazine. It comes with standard features such as a programmable control system, intelligent synchronization, smooth servomotor operation and a fast retraction system, the company says.

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