Interchangeable Drilling Heads With Coolant-Through Capability

New Product From: 6/28/2007 Modern Machine Shop
Featuring frontal cooling, Iscar’s Chamdrill Jet interchangeable carbide drill heads have depth-to-diameter ratios of 3×D and 5×D. All drill bodies have internal coolant holes near the cutting edge for flushing and chip evacuation. Large radial stoppers are designed to help the drill heads bear tensional cutting forces. The line includes four standard drill-had geometries for different materials. Used for steel, the IDP geometry has a 25-degree positive cutting rake and a honed cutting edge. The IDM geometry is used for stainless steel. It has a 25-degree positive cutting rake and a T-land on the cutting edge. For use on cast iron, the IDK geometry has a 10-degree positive cutting rake, a honed cutting edge and two peripheral chamfers. The IDN geometry has a 30-degree positive cutting rake and a sharp cutting edge to penetrate aluminum. IDP, IDM and IDN drill-head geometries are available in 0.004" diameter increments, while the IDK drill heads are available in whole and mid sizes.

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