Keyseat Cutting Head

The Titespot keyseat cutting head is said to eliminate costly secondary broaching or milling operations on gears, sheaves, hubs and pulleys. The machining centers are designed to load easily from the automatic tool changer. A lathe version allows keyseat cutting to be combined with turning and boring operations. Both are available in all popular shank styles. The head incorporates a positive displacement ball piston motor powered by a high pressure (300-2,000 PSI) coolant system. A 6.5:1 gear reduction is said to generate up to 10 ft/lb of torque at 1,000 PSI coolant pressure. Because the machine spindle is not required to rotate the keyseat cutter, spindle rotation can be used as an indexer to machine multiple keyways in one part. Odd size or wide keyways can be produced by multiple passes. It is designed to be effective in both blind and through bore applications. The heads are available in four standard sizes suitable for machining in bores down to half-inch I.D. Cutters are available in widths from 3/32 inch to 1/2 inch. Other applications include slotting and oil grooving.

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