Large and Small Gang Tool Lathes

The company offers four models of gang tool lathes.

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The company offers four models of gang tool lathes. The spindle diameter capacity of the relative models go from 1”, 1 3/8”, 1 ¾” and the largest model is 2” bar feed capacity through the spindle. The horsepower of the models go from 5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp, and the largest is 15 hp. The axis motors also increase in size with each model.

The smaller two models, GT-ISL-25 and GT-ISL-35, are the classic small footprint C-axis gang tool lathes, ideal for the introduction of live tools and bar feeds for secondary operations, or high rate production work. We are also adapting these machines with vibratory bowls and automatic loading systems that make this selection an ideal option for fastener production or other types of automated part production applications.

The two larger models of gang lathes, GT-ISL-45 and GT-ISL-50, provide X-axis travel of 18.5” and have a much lower center height than earlier models of gang tool lathes. As a result of the lower center height and travel, the company can now add a turret directly to the machine table to provide a combination of a gang tools along with an eight-station or 12-station turret. We can also offer a driven tool turret for heavier milling drilling live tool operations for very complex part production on a single-spindle designed machine.

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