Large-Capacity, Five-Axis HMC Eases Hard Cuts

The Matsuura MAM72-100H five-axis HMC from Methods is the largest in the MAM72 series.

New Product From: 11/2/2011 Modern Machine Shop

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The Matsuura MAM72-100H five-axis HMC from Methods is the largest in the MAM72 series. The machine’s larger work envelope and ability to cut challenging materials makes it ideal for machining large-sized, complex parts that are common in the aerospace and energy industries, the company says.
Designed using FEM analysis for maximum rigidity, the HMC offers a stable machining platform and can process an array of materials during advanced, unmanned operations.
The machine features X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 41.33" × 36.22" × 37.79", respectively; an A-axis table that tilts between -120 degrees and +30 degrees; and full 360-degree C-axis rotation. The A-/ B-axis table, which features a direct-drive motor, turns at a maximum feed rate of 50 minutes-1 (A-axis; tilting axis) or 75 minutes-1 (B-axis; rotating axis) for increased speed and precision. The HMC can accommodate a maximum work size of 39.37" deep and 30.31" high, and a maximum weight of 1,719 lbs. Equipped with a high-torque, 50-taper spindle, the machine is well-suited for cutting hard-to-machine alloys, such as titanium and Inconel, the company says.
The HMC features the next-generation Matsuura’s Intelligent Meister System (MIMS), which monitors the overall production process. According to the company, MIMS ensures reliable operation, high product quality, simple data management and low power consumption. In addition, the ATC is equipped with a drum-type tool magazine driven by a servomotor for quick tool indexing, low noise and low vibration. A variety of ATC/APC options also are available. 

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