Large Capacity Surface Grinding Machines

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Delta high precision, high technology surface grinding machines feature an all-hydrostatic ways system. The hydrostatic system, in combination with a traveling column design, is said to promote an exceptionally stable, precise, and repeatable working envelope. There is said to be no metal-to-metal contact on any of the mating way surfaces, resulting in no heat build up. No wear results in extremely low maintenance considerations. Accuracies are said to last for the lifetime of the machine tool.  The system features a very heavy table load capacity. Other features include excellent surface finish capabilities; hydrodynamic spindle bearing; and automatic thermal stabilization of hydrodynamic spindle bearing oil.A full range of models and capacities are available.


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Linear Motor Ensures Smooth Axis Movement for Tool Grinders

ANCA Motion’s LinX linear motor technology is designed to provide manufacturers the toolmaking capability to produce highly polished flutes and gash surfaces to improve chip evacuation and aid tool performance.