Large Gantry Bed-Type CO2 Laser Cutting Machines

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The LCE Laser Series of cutting machines offer a 6 kW CO2 laser on compact footprint machines that mount laser and chiller in one unit. Said to provide power, precision and productivity, the machines are capable of slicing through 1.5" mild steel, 1" stainless and 0.5" thick aluminum. In fact, the 6 kW laser can cut mild steel of up to 1" unmanned. In addition, the machines produce weld-ready edges with minimum or no deburring and turn on small radii with accuracy, the company says. Double drive pinion gears, according to the company, accurately move the laser in the X and Y axes, reducing backlash to near zero. Linear guides move the gantry using a dual servo system that delivers a positioning accuracy of ±0.0008"/19.7". Said to be capable of precision without sacrificing productivity, the high-centering laser focuses the beam at the center part of the nozzle even during high speed cutting. The series is available in five models with Y-axis travels of between 104" and 236" capable of handling a variety of jobs. The X axis delivers an unlimited 40" in pitch, and the Z axis is 7.8". Rapid feed rates of 0 to 944" per minute X and Y are said to make the machines useful for high-productivity laser machining. The machines are also available with optional 4,000 W laser resonators.

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