Large HMC Designed For Rigidity, Fast Cutting

Toyoda’s FH-SX series of HMCs features a newly designed column and a high-torque spindle to speed through steel without compromising rigidity. The largest machine in the series, the FH1250SX, is designed to provide the cutting power of a boxway machine with rapid traverse rates of 1,655 ipm, which is 50-percent faster than the previous generation FA series machines.


The 60-hp, 8,000-rpm spindle provides 737 foot-pounds of torque. Additionally, the machine’s column supports the spindle’s cutting power with dual ballscrews that surround the spindle housing. According to the company, this maintains rigidity and accuracy while increasing tool life and performance. The machine can accommodate workpieces as large as 94.5" × 70.9" that weight as much as 10,000 lbs.



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