Laser Machine Provides 5,000-W Cutting Power

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Cincinnati Incorporated’s CL-850 laser cutter is equipped with a 5,000-W GE Fanuc laser resonator, and is designed for high throughput, flexibility, ease-of-use and cutting precision on both thick and thin materials. The machine delivers 1,000-ipm cutting on 18 gauge steel and a 1-1/8" processing range on mild steel.


Featuring dynamic positioning accuracy of ±0.001" at high cutting speeds, the machine’s third-generation linear-motor drive system achieves accelerations exceeding 2 G and head-positioning speeds as fast as 10,000 ipm. The HMI and control software are designed for ease-of-use, and the cutting-head system features standard autofocus and an improved breakaway feature. The breakaway feature keeps debris from entering the beam path and allows beam alignment without removing the head. In addition, a height sensor that is unaffected by plasma enables high feed rates on thin metal with N2 or air-assist gas, the company says.


The machine is available in 5' × 10' and 6' × 12' cutting-table models, each equipped with quick-change dual pallets. The dual-pallet design allows one table to be unloaded/reloaded while the second is being processed. Pallet changes take seconds, enabling virtually continuous cutting, the company says. Both sizes come with full guarding for floor space savings, as opposed to machines with safety-zone floor mats.


Optical features include curved fold mirrors to improve beam quality as well as an adaptive beam enhancer that manipulates beam size to improve piercing and cutting productivity. A distributed purge system is designed to keep the beam-delivery system clean and cool. 

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