Laser Maintains Consistent Beam Quality

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Constructed with a one-piece design, the LV Plus laser features a Dianite casting and provides stability by incorporating the machine tool, resonator and power supply onto one platform, says manufacturer Mitsubishi Laser. The company’s Diamond-Path technology uses a constant-beam-length system to maintain consistent beam quality. It provides cutting stability at speeds as fast as 1,150 ipm across all processing areas, the company says. The laser’s processing head enables high speed cutting on a range of materials and is designed for ease of use. In addition, the laser is equipped with the Mels Eye intelligent process monitoring system, which has auto focusing and other detection features to ensure quality cutting. These include burn detection, which tracks each cut and restarts the laser if needed, as well as a pierce detection feature, which is designed to improve productivity by eliminating the buffer in conventional oxygen piercing. Plasma detection tracks plasma and adjusts the machine’s speed to reduce scrap in high-production runs. In addition, the laser features plasma guard control, which restricts the generation of plasma in mid-thick stainless steel to enable smooth acceleration. The laser is completely modular, allowing 24/7 unattended processing. Expansion options include multiple-shelf towers, material carts, product carts, a break-in station and multiple lasers.

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