Laser Marking System With Integrated Software

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Electrox is presenting its Cobra ES as an affordable laser marking system useful for small-to-medium volume manufacturers. The system is based on its diode-pumped Nd: YAG design and it includes control electronics, software, a safety workstation and workpiece focusing mechanism. It can mark single items or batches with diameters as large as 140 mm.


All optical components are mounted on a single rigid rail, which is enclosed to be sealed against the ingress of dust.  The lasers operate on one-phase electricity and have integrated cooling to provide for straightforward installation and rapid start up, the company says.


Other features include diode packs that are guaranteed for 10,000 hours and software that is compatible with current versions of Windows. Capable of importing a range of graphics file formats, the software can also generate bar codes, 2D codes and date codes, as well as perform automatic serialisation, conduct merges with data from external sources and control as many as four axes of motion.



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