Lathe Capable Of Manual Operation With CNC Assistance

Designed for toolroom and small-lot work, the Trak TRL 2460SX lathe features a 4.09"-spindle through hole and a geared head to provide high performance at low speeds. Available from Southwestern Industries, the lathe includes a two-speed tailstock, P5 tapered roller bearings and digital servomotors. The machine’s capacity enables it to be fitted with gang tooling setups and an optional indexer.


The lathe is equipped with the company’s ProtoTrak SLX CNC, which features spreadsheet editing, networking capability and optional DXF file converters. To create part programs from the print, users name the required geometry and answer prompts. Once the program is finished, the CNC’s traking feature allows operators to run it by controlling the CNC feed through one of the handwheels.

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