Lathe Features Y-Axis, Subspindle Options

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Equipped with a Y axis and a subspindle, Emco’s Maxxturn 25 universal lathe is suitable for complete machining of small parts in batch sizes ranging from 50 to 5,000 units. The lathe can be used for applications ranging from the production of hydraulic components to parts for timepieces and jewelry. It can accommodate barstock parts with diameters as large as 25 mm and chuck parts with diameters as large as 85 mm.


The lathe can be fitted with either a tailstock or a compact counter-spindle, which can eliminate additional clamping setups to increase productivity and shorten part-delivery periods, the company says. Additionally, the machine can be configured with or without a Y axis. When equipped, the Y axis is fully integrated in the body of the machine to add to stability and precision.


The machine’s turret features a hydraulic lock and offers space for as many as 12 VDI16 toolholders. With a total of 36 switch positions, 42 cutting edges are available. The driven tools and the C axis are included in the standard model.  In the course of modular assembly, customers can choose between a Siemens control with a ShopTurn dialogue interface or a Fanuc control with a Manual-Guide-i interface.

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